Friday, August 6, 2010

These days

These days, well these days have been quite all right. The sun has indeed been shining. The pedals have been rolling and the drinks have been flowing.

Class starts in a couple weeks and I am actually excited to take my classes. It has been nice to have time off and relax but I am excited to have more than work taking up my constructed time.

My sister visited me from SF, the last couple days and it was very, very nice to have her here. I wish I lived in SF, or at least an area more interesting than the one that I do live in. However, I am learning to see the beauty and excitement in any area. Plus, I will be here for a mere year until I am able to move a far more attractive town. I am thinking that Flagstaff, NAU, is where I am going to transfer. It is far different than what I am used to and I am excited to go to a town where hiking and camping and climbing are very abundant. It may not have the ocean but it has more than that to offer.

I am in one of those indecisive moods today. It is my day off and there are too many things that I could do, that I can't decide what I actually want to do. Hike? Book shopping? Bike to the beach? Farmers market? Too many options. To many options.

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