Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Fast Life Does Move

So I am terrible at keeping up with blogs, and facebooks, and well anything relating to technology. Well with one follower, I guess it really isn't a big deal.

Not too much new in my world. I am really missing the outdoors these days. I want to take a couple weeks off before school and backpack around Big Sur. It is so beautiful up there. I feel really disconnected when I don't spend enough time away from all the chaos of society and in the serenity of nature. I know that I need to go to school in a mountain town. Just a cute town with lots of awesome outdoors stuff to do. I have been thinking about NAU these days and it sounds pretty appealing. Snowy winters full of snowboarding. Spring, Fall, Summer full of climbing, hiking, mountain bike riding, trail running, dirt bike riding, playing!

I sign up for my classes for Mira Costa on Monday, hopefully I will get any of the classes I wanted. I am pretty sure they are all full. Fuck budget cuts. If I get what I want I will be taking biology, spanish, english, sports nutrition, and maybe ballet.

I am pretty stoked on MMA these days. I really want to learn Muay Thai Kickboxing and boxing. I am taking a class next week to try it out!

Here are a couple photos from my life the past couple months:

Playing with a scarf my Stepmom got me in India

This is the beach right by my work

This is at an open mike night at a coffee shop in Encinitas

This is at Moon Light Beach in Encinitas

This is at the Train Station in Oceanside

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