Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Must Be The Place

Life is what you make it.
Life is beautiful, precious, and fun.

I went to a club in Hollywood a couple days ago. RI DIC U LOUS. I thought I would have fun, but the night really did not go well. I never thought that I would like clubs, but this only reassured my beliefs. Overall weird night, pretty shitty at the club, but good to see and hang out with friends.

Yesterday I went to a couple consignment stores in the area, HOME and Flashbacks in Encinitas. I realized how beautiful San Diego is. The beach cities have a certain feel to them. I am happy to be living here and I really appreciate it. After a day of shopping and such we felt a couple shots were very necessary to relax. Had some drinks, good conversation and fun.

I want to take a trip somewhere. I want to take a trip to a new place. LETS GO!

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